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Business Development

Jim Stodd

Organization Development | Human Resources Management

Jim offers seasoned experience in strategic and organizational planning, change management, as well as compensation and rewards. He has assisted numerous clients design and implements the organizational architecture, structure, infrastructure, and strategic plans required to achieve their visions and goals. In addition, he has assisted other organizations to build strategically focused compensation & reward programs, as well as other human resource management initiatives, by introducing forward-thinking approaches to talent management.

Marketing Solutions

Suzette T. Jung

Owner of Cayenne Copy


Freelance Technical Copywriter

I collaborate with primarily b2b clients in the Tech, Business, and HR arenas on writing copy to market their data-driven services, products, and tech. My passion is writing about how the implementation of data/research-based practices affects business planning, strategy, and decision-making, and ultimately drives business success. I construct pieces, such as articles and blog posts, b2b case studies, and white papers. You can find out more about me here or connect with me on social media! What’s your hot topic in our data-driven business world?

Allison Lawless
aml logo.png

Marketing | Brand Development | Web Design

At AML Designs brand development, marketing, and design meet conceptually to create the perfect brand identity for your business. A strong brand identity increases business value, creates trust within the marketplace, generates new customers, and builds the foundation for successful advertising and marketing campaigns.

By utilizing the adobe creative cloud we develop highly effective marketing plans through a deep understanding of consumer and brand target markets, which in turn, achieves profit and maximizes the brand's long-term potential. 
If you would like to learn more about our solutions feel free to contact us.