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Updated: Jun 5, 2019

At Costelloe & Associates, Inc. we have worked in many industries and have many Healthcare, Financial Services and Retail specific clients. Dr. Costelloe, an LSU graduate and I-O Psychologist for over 30 years and Barry J. Vose, a 15-year veteran of Citigroup building leadership and sales teams along with 15 years of Business Coaching, which also includes a book on team building, Winning Before The Game Begins have teamed up and we would like to share our services, process and past results to your organization and team.

Our Services

Integrity, skill, and growth rendering services

Do you have positions you are having difficulty filling with the “right” personnel or is retention an issue for you? For your sales personnel, high-turnover positions and selective mid to upper level executives, we have a solution for you. Costelloe & Associates uses the most advanced job bench-marking tools and processes to help you establish your requirements for these difficult positions. Each one is customized to meet the needs of your organization.

Our Process

A process that yields results

Either directly or through our diverse and experienced associates we assist Organizations in each of these areas. We would like to meet and discuss the benefits of our services and specifically DISC in helping your organization become more effective and productive. We have found that companies who begin by offering DISC to all or a select group of associates have built more effective and productive teams as well as reduced turnover. In today’s environment Psychological Safety is paramount to creating an environment for safe interpersonal risk taking and the DISC is an outstanding option to begin this process between any level of associate and their supervisor.

DISC Process:

DISC Process

After the associate completes the DISC survey which takes 30-45 minutes, the associate, along with their supervisor, participates in a 60-90-minute debriefing by either an associate of Costelloe & Associates or, if preferred, we would certify one or more trainers within your organization. Having the associate and their supervisor participate in the debriefing together provides both the knowledge of how to better communicate and work with each other along with the areas of improvement the associate wants or needs to develop additional skills to better their effectiveness.

Having worked with DISC assessments for over 20 years we are experts in DISC training and certifications. Additionally, we offer, upon request, side by side comparisons of any two people who have completed the DISC profile to assist in building stronger and more effective relationships.

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